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#4433 - 07/07/03 11:17 AM How much sand ,gravel, cement do I need?
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I Figured out that I need 1.75 yards of concrete. I cant get a Concrete truck to the job and a mixer is my other option how much of each sand gravel and bags of cement will I need to get my desired amount?

#4434 - 07/13/03 01:59 PM Re: How much sand ,gravel, cement do I need?
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Are you sure you can't use a wheelbarrow to haul your concrete? Anyways if you can't, your best bet would be to use ready-to-mix concrete bags like found at Lowes and Home Depot. 80, 80# bags will produce 1 cubic yard of concrete. For your project exactly 140 bags of concrete would be needed.
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#4435 - 07/27/03 04:04 PM Re: How much sand ,gravel, cement do I need?
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1.75 yards of concrete is roughly 47 cubic feet. If you have a conventional "residential" grade mixer (ie red-lion or similar) with 3 cf drum, then you can assume that you will make 1.25 CF with each mixer load. Let's say 1.5 cf to be optimistic.

I mix my own concrete by adding the components separately (I don't use pre-mix). My own experience is 15 minutes to mix each load (from when I tip the first bit of stone into the mixer to when I turn the mixer off and tip the drum to pour the batch out).

So, your 47 CF will take 31 mixer loads, and at 15 minutes each that works out to between 7 and 8 hours. I hope you have friends to help you - and I hope you're not trying to pour a single slab.