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#8310 - 04/24/02 02:44 AM Retarder use in exposed aggragate
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What will be the consequences of leaving the retarder or sugar water solution on until concrete is set? Will It still properly harden, and will the top layer still wash off and expose the aggregate?

How much is too much retarder, or is that possible?

If it remains and can't be washed, is the integrity of the concrete affected.

I'm getting set to try the retarder method and would like to know the problems I should be aware of.

#8311 - 04/24/02 08:07 AM Re: Retarder use in exposed aggragate
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Waiting for the concrete to set is the benefit of retarding the surface. The concrete bonds to the aggregate but not on the surface so you get virtually no agg pockets or popouts. The contractors that do this usually spray the retarder on, float it in, then cover it and come back hours later, sometimes even the next morning. Until you have a good feel for how long your retarder will last, you should probably wait until your concrete has the final set to wash and brush off the cement paste. If you use a standard retarder and not sugar water, it shouldn't hurt the surface of the concrete. I will have to have one of my chemist friends give us an idea of what sugar water will do if left on without washing indefinitely.
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#8312 - 04/25/02 12:17 AM Re: Retarder use in exposed aggragate
concrete king Offline

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most retarders , well at least the ones that i use, will dry. the first one i did turned out great but , the amount of work put into it to scrub the top off wasn't very fun. i would suggest spraying the retardant on heavy (not so it is running or puddled), i never worked the retarder into the surface, but you can try it. leave it sit until you think you can spray it off, start with a very light mist. sometimes waiting a little longer is better, when you spray off a couple feet you will notice you will have to broom & water off alot of sand that accumilates from the process. when you are spraying it off you will need to touch up bald spots with a broom. it works best with two people. retarders are safe otherwise they wouldnt be making them.

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#8313 - 06/13/02 02:48 PM Re: Retarder use in exposed aggragate
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Doesn't anyone use Coke (cola)? Joe uses this, just shake up the 2 liter bottle and spray it on!