These are interesting times for concrete ready mix providers and as we all know, the current economic situation has been in place for several years now. At first, concrete industry professionals sucked in their breath hoping the downturn would quickly correct itself, ¬†however, with no immediate end in sight, it’s important to look at a few key strategies for making it through these times. It’s not been easy going for many concrete companies and these times are demanding adaption to changing environments.

History has shown us that in times of tough market competition innovation and flexibility are paramount. Can your organization turn fast in the water or are you bogged down in imaginary or real limitations? How much time are you thinking instead of reacting to market changes?

Winners that emerge from any economic downtime are those that became lean and efficient. Nowadays we can use the terms lean, green, and tech savy to paraphrase key skills for modern concrete ready mix providers. Your concrete company must answer customer needs and not create a gas war competition environment that will bring all participants to the no profit zone.

The concrete ready mix companies that are doing the best are the companies that are thinking, reevaluating and doing what it takes to meet current market contions. Remember, these times may just turn out to be the focal points that inspire your concrete ready mix company to new methods, practices and services.